Q: When do I need to produce Shape CD?
Shape CD is an important marketing tool by all means. You need Shape CD in various occasions and fields, such as:
- When handing your company profile to others.
- During the exhibitions to make it easier to the user to know and understand your products easily.
- The Shape of the CD is related to your product.
- Use direct marketing message by attractive shapes.
- Make your CD to look attractive and be different than other CDs.
Q: What Size of Data in Shape CD I can get?
Mainly the size of data varies. It is based on the design of the shape CD itself. However size starts from 50 MB up to an average of 400 MB, and starts from 150MB for Shape DVD up to 3 GB.
Q: Do I have to provide the design of the Shape CD?
If the design of the Shape CD is not ready, our graphic design team will be happy to provide you with draft designs of the Shape CDs.
Q: When the data is recorded on the CD? Before or After Shaping Process?
The data or the contents of the Shape CD usually put on the CD when it is replicated in the early stages of making CD. Then the CD is shaped as per the design. The contents or the data on the Shape CD can not be erased or re-written again since it is loaded or been formed with the CD when it is replicated (manufactured).
Q: What material can be put or loaded to the Shape CD?
Absolutely any material can be used or loaded in the CD, such as presentation, movie, company profile, software, shareware, promotion materials, etc.
Q: Shall I go for Shape CD or Shape DVD?
The main factor here is the size of data, if you need to store more data, then you should go for Shape DVD, unless you have to store materials supported by DVD, such as movies where it needs to be replicated under DVD technology when the DVD is replicated at the beginning.
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