Looking for something unique and different?
Interested in presenting new fresh ideas for your clients?
Bored of all the consumed marketing ideas?!
If your answer for the above questions is "Yes" then you can proceed by reading the rest of this page!

Here, at Wasaet we have been always looking to achieve this equation; give our clients the innovation they seek and in the same time present them services and products really worth what they do pay.
We, at Wasaet, do not consider our self an ordinary CD or DVD factory or supplier. We have more comprehensive and revived understanding of the market and our clients' needs, that is why we do not only present new products, but also we act as an advisor for our clients explaining the best use of these new marketing tools.
The Shape CD comes as one of the most attractive marketing tool Wasaet presents proudly. Imagine that now it is possible that your company logo can be more close to your clients; they can see it, touch it, and more than that, it will be more interactive with them, conveying your marketing plans in new exciting way.
You can have all this! Just send us your logo, our creative designers will work in designing your Shape logo CD, then we will email it back to you for your approval, the last step will be to send us the data you need to put on your Shape logo CD, within almost one week you will be looking at your new marketing assistant.
Uh! By the way, if you don’t have already made data or presentation for your company, we can also help you doing that, just visit our services page to know how…

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